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VW SKODA SEAT V14 RNS510 RNS810 2016 Navigation Map DVD Disc UK West Europe

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VW SKODA SEAT V14 RNS510 RNS810 2016 Navigation Map DVD Disc UK West Europe

 Product -                VW V14 2017 Navigation DVD Disc

Part Number -         VW - 1T0 919 859 B, Seat - 7N5 051 884 G, Skoda - 3T0 051 859 AP

Maps -                     2017 Western Europe


Condition -              New
Fits the following vehicles - 



Seat Media System

Skoda RNS Columbus

Skoda RNS Trinax

Volkswagen with RNS510:

EOS  2006 -» 2011
EOS GP  2011 -» 
Golf (A5)  2008 -» 2009
Golf GT (A5)  2008 -» 2009
Golf GTI (A5)  2008 -» 2009
Golf Var. (A5)  2008 -» 2010
Golf R32 (A5)  510 2008 -» 2009
Cross Golf (A5)  2008 -» 2009
Golf (A6)  2009 -» 
Golf R (A6)  2010 -» 
Golf GTI (A6)  2009 -» 
Golf Cabrio (A6)  2012 -» 
Golf Var. (A6)  2010 -» 
Golf Plus (A5)  2008 -» 2009 ..
Golf Plus (A6)  2009 -» 
Jetta (A5)  2008 -» 2010
Jetta (A6)  2011 -» 
Beetle NF (Lim.)  2012 -» 
Beetle Cabrio NF  2013 -» 2013 ..
Passat CC (all variations)  2012 -» 
Passat Lim. (B6)  2008 -» 2011
Passat Var. (B6)  2008 -» 2011
Passat Lim. R36 (B6)  2008 -» 2011
Passat Lim. (B7) 0 2011 -» 
Passatvar. (B7)  2011 -» 
Passat CC (B6)  2009 -» 
Passat Alltrack (B7)  2012 -» 
Scirocco  2008 -» 
Sharan (NF)  2011 -» 
Tiguan  2007 -» 2011
Tiguan (GP)  2012 -» 
Touran (A5-GP)  2008 -» 2010
Touran (A6)  2011 -» 
Cross Touran (A6)  2011 -» 
Caddy Maxi (A5) Kombi  2008 -» 2010
Caddy Van (A5)  2008 -» 2010
Caddy Maxi (A5) Van  2008 -» 2010
Caddy Kombi (A5)  2008 -» 2010
Caddy Life (A5)  2008 -» 2010
Caddy Maxi (A5) Life 0 2008 -» 2010
Caddy GP Van (A5)  2011 -» 
Caddy GP Maxi Van (A5)  2011 -» 
Caddy GP Kombi (A5)  2011 -» 
Caddy GP Maxi Kombi (A5)  2011 -» 
Califomia (T 5-GP)  2010 -» 
Caravelle (T 5-GP)  2010 -» 
Multivan (T 5-GP)  2010 -» 
Transporter (T 5-GP)  2010 -» 

Continental RNS 810:

Phaeton (GP2)  2009 -» 2010
Phaeton (GP3)  2011 -» 
Touareg (GP)  2007 -» 2010
Touareg R5 TDI (GP)  2007 -» 2010
Touareg GP R50  2007 -» 2010

Description - 
VW V13 RNS 510 / 810 Map DVD FULL 7 Digit Postcode Search!


(West Europe Disc) - 1T0 919 859 B

Works with -

RNS 510 - VW/Seat/Skoda Touchscreen Navigation system

RNS 810 - VW Phaeton Touchscreen Navigation system


*This DVD is a high grade professional backup copy used by technicians in the motor industry to prevent the original DVD from getting damaged.  We must presume that you already have an original 2017 disc and you are purchasing this as a backup.  As it is illegal for any seller to sell copied copyright material, which also means we are no longer able to print the face of the disc with the original image*


Countries covered:

DVD West :

United Kingdom, Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City


*** DVD East is also available and covers the following countries:

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Austria, Poland , Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City, Belarus ***


*Please note this map disc can be used on Version C D F H J P and newer (SW:2xxx or 3xxx or 4xxx or 5xxx or 6xxx), it has full speed camera database and 7 digit postcode together unlike previous versions!*


These usually retail for over £200 in VW, so grab yourself a real bargain!

This will update your system automatically, so it does not matter what year system you are running, as long as it is the touchscreen navigation system.  The map update will take around 55 minutes so please be patient, it will ask you to download and save the maps to the hard drive which is the best place to keep them, after which you will not need the DVD unless the maps become corrupt, so keep it stored away safely after installation

Also please always leave details of your vehicle to ensure the correct parts are sent the first time.
***If you require a software update disc to update your navigation to enable it to run the new V14 map disc, we also sell the latest versions, please email us for details!***


Remember we offer a full fitting and diagnostic service at our premises, so you can have the benefits of knowing your unit will be fitted just as it would have been from the factory! 

Every navigation system we have in our possession undergoes a series of tests to make sure they are fully functional before they leave us to ensure you are not buying a faulty piece of equipment. Also we ensure all the units are completely free from scratches, dead pixels and general damages to the facia with our strict quality control measures. If you are not happy with your purchase due to a unit not meeting our claimed standards, then we will either send out replacement immediately (subject to stock) or issue a full refund! As we are a well-established company we can offer you the peace of mind that no other ebayer selling OEM navigation equipment can and that’s a promise! Don’t find out the hard way trying to save a few pounds, it will always cost you more in the long run!!!

Beware of foreign scammers selling broken/refurbished units which are more than likely stolen!!! Buy with confidence as we are a verified UK eBay store and a well-established long term non internet based company with over 15 years knowledge in the automotive industry and a 10,000 sq. ft. workshop and retail offices! If you cannot talk to a professional person over the telephone about your order it’s time to look elsewhere, our UK phone lines are manned everyday!!!


Terms and Conditions

We ship all our units the next business day with UPS on a 24-48 hour service depending where you are in the UK. We do ship worldwide subject to cost and cleared funds, please contact us if your country is not listed. Remember all our equipment is covered with a 12 month warranty, unlike other EU sellers who write warranty on their listings and disappear at the first sign of a claim! (Without an address or telephone number you are left with an expensive paperweight!) Also please be aware that as we do sell physical stock in our stores and have a large trade database, some quantities may vary, therefore we recommend you contact us if you need an item urgently to obtain the latest stock numbers!


Any questions or trade/wholesale enquires:

Call - 0871 789 0 987 or Email –


12 months warranty